King Charles & Prince Jron - Guest Instructors

Footworking, Hip Hop

Charles “King Charles” Parks is a world class act; dancer, rapper, singer and actor. He is an extraordinary dancer and accomplished choreographer that embodies the qualities of a high-ranking general. He commands respect every time he touches a dance floor!

Charles is the artistic director of the FootworKINGz (FWK) and the global face for FWK. He is also the founder and leader of local battle clique, Creation (since 2001), All Star Champions of BET’s “Wildin Out Wednesdays.”

Charles was crowned as the “King of Footwork” at age 14 by DJ Thadz’ annual “King of the Circle” event in Markham, IL and by various media including the Chicago Tribune (06) and Rolling Stone Magazine (07) and Red Eye (2009). In addition, Charles has danced for Missy Elliott alongside Eve and Nelly Futado at VH-1’s “Hip Hop Honors 07” and starred in “Do the Juke,” a Verizon Wireless national commercial.

King Charles grew up in the rough edges of Markham and Chicago Heights where he honed his battle skills. “My inspiration came from guys like Ant Brown, Cowherd, and my teacher Troy. These dudes were so amazing to me. I want to be legendary like what Crazy Legz is to Rock Steady Crew.”

Under the guidance of Lady Sol, Charles has achieved one of his dreams, to dance for the world. He recently toured the globe with the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Both King Charles and Prince Jron  featured on Madonna’s  “Sticky & Sweet 08-09” Tour DVD and are featured in her recent music video “Celebration.”

Jaron “Prince Jron” Boyd is an amazing dancer and the official smooth criminal of Chicago’s footwork culture. Jron has graced many stages across the world with the FootworKINGz and recently with Madonna alongside King Charles.

Jron grew up on the east side of Chicago Heights and is the leader of local battle clique, Havoc. Transformed by his experience touring with Madonna, Jron says he is ready to teach the entire world about Chicago’s unique style of footwork. Both Charles and Jron have been teaching workshops all over Europe and the US for the past 3 years).

Jron is truly a global ambassador for Chicago’s style of footwork.