During the worldwide pandemic and quarantine of 2020, Coach Ebonee & her company continue to offer online dance classes for all ages on various platforms, including this website, Zoom, Instagram Live, IGTV & YouTube, in an effort to make the best of the shelter-at-home order and in respect to social distancing. Coach Ebonee has been keeping her LAUSD students moving with weekly virtual classes that families can access during the week for dance practice and as a resource for student’s daily P.E., because as we all know how important it is to stay active for our physical and mental health. Ebonee has also launched SODC Online, an interactive and exclusive online Members Portal for her students to access virtual classes, tutorials and livestreams. Just go to showoffdance.com/online to learn more.

Coach Ebonee is extremely motivated to help everyone stay positive, active, connected and moving!

The beauty within these trying times is that, thanks to technology, SODC is now accessible all over the world, not just in Los Angeles. You can join the virtual Show Off Dance family and stay updated on upcoming classes by following #CoachEbonee and #ShowOffDance on Instagram or Facebook. Ebonee and the Show Off Dance Company Staff are optimistic and hopeful about the future, focused on finishing strong and dedicated to changing lives one eight count at a time.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Stay active and Stay Connected.

Ebonee Arielle - Biography

Founder, Director, Instructor & Choreographer

Ebonee Arielle Le'Triece ("Coach Ebonee") - professional dancer, choreographer, director and instructor - was born in Cleveland, Ohio and got her start as a competitive gymnast and figure skater, and then a recording artist and singer/songwriter - before she transitioned into dance in high school.  The combination of her athletic and artistic backgrounds gave Ebonee a strong foundation in technique and musical inclination, which she has used to build an impressive and versatile 15-year+ career in dance and performance art.  

Ebonee took her first hip hop class at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles at 16-years-old, and continued to pursue dance training as a principle dancer and choreographer at Beverly Hills High School, and as a dance major and student choreographer at Santa Monica College & Loyola Marymount University.  During her senior year of high school and following graduation, Ebonee was brought in as a special guest PE instructor, and guest choreographer for the cheer squad and the hip hop dance companies, as teachers recognized her natural gift for teaching, creating and sharing her talents.  Throughout her education, Ebonee won numerous awards and scholarships for dance, choreography and coaching, including the American Dance Festival scholarship where she trained and performed at Duke University, and the "Coach of the Year" award for her service to the community.

Ebonee had to put her studies on hold, as her dance career flourished after she signed with Clear Talent Group, and she booked her first tour with recording artist, Nicki Minaj, as a specialty performer and soloist.  Some of Ebonee's other industry performance credits include: recording artists Keke Palmer and Ne-yo, the Billboard Music Awards, Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour,  Disneyland, specialty performer for Coca Cola, Microsoft, & McDonalds, a Las Vegas Contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, MTV's 'America's Best Dance Crew' Season 8 performing with the first and only all female crew to ever win the show, We Are Heroes, and 'America's Got Talent' Season 10 with her crew, the Show Off Dolls, who were directly booked to the live auditions after Ebonee's crew and choreography won "Performing Artist of the Year" by RAW Artists Hollywood in 2015.  Recently, Ebonee Arielle's choreography was featured on the season finale of the debut of Dancing with the Stars Juniors, where her work received rave reviews from the judges and stood out as a dynamic group freestyle.  

Though Ebonee has had countless performance experiences on live television, music videos, films and more throughout her career, one of Ebonee's most proud achievements was winning the award for "Coach of the Year" for her commitment and service in the field of after school programming and sports based youth development with concentration on fitness and nutrition through dance.  Before creating her own company and starting a studio program, Ebonee was recognized nationally for her efforts in working with after school youth programs in Los Angeles (Rampart District), as a dance and wellness coach.  Ebonee worked for more than 7-years for the non-profit organization, A World Fit for Kids (AWFFK), and was a member of the Coach Across America (CAA) program in association with Up2Us Sports and Americorps organizations - who recognized her service and awarded her the very first Coach of the Year title.  These programs and organizations provided training, vast teaching/coaching experience and grants and scholarships for her education.  When Coach Across America partnered with the Laurues Sport Foundation and Mercedes Benz USA, Ebonee, referred to as, "Coach Ebonee" was a regional spokesperson and dance instructor for national events.  Through these organizations, Ebonee taught hundreds of classes and workshops, did motivational speaking along side Olympic and renowned athletes - who she grew up admiring - such as Tony Hawk, Kareem Abdul Jabar and Nadia Comaneci, and was able to positively influence the lives of thousands of youth through dance.

In 2013, Coach Across America awarded Ebonee the very first, "Coach of the Year" for her service to the community after she was nominated by AWFFK at Virgil Middle School, where she coached their championship Hip Hop team.  Ebonee was flown to New York to receive the first and only award of its kind and to give a speech on her program and the students' whose lives had been positively impacted.  "That moment solidified for me a greater calling - my commitment and importance as not only a performer, but a coach and mentor.  No matter what I am doing personally or professionally, I will always give back and find ways to connect with the community through the arts."  Before the covid-19 pandemic, affected travel and events, Coach Ebonee was preparing to return to New York as an alumni Coach to be re-honored at the annual gala for her continued service, and to highlight and follow up on her former student's success 10-years-post.

It was this life changing experience that motivated Ebonee to start her own after school program in 2017, Show Off Dance After School, where her program, which emphasizes and promotes healthy habits and exercise, self confidence and esteem, and teaches foundational dance technique and life skill building through dance, can now reach thousands of students in greater Los Angeles.  She hopes to expand this after school program into a non profit organization which will be available to families free of cost.  Her Show Off Dance, #SODC brand has already influenced hundreds of dancers to "show love, show respect, show support and show off".

Currently, Ebonee travels the world internationally judging events and competitions, teaching workshops and performing with various Los Angeles based companies as a principle dancer and acrobat.  Ebonee can be seen performing with companies such as @EclipseShow, @CirqueSchool's @TroupeVertigo, @SharpInternational & with hip hop / street dance / theater crews, @AnticsPerformance & @OuterCircleCrew, entertaining audiences around the globe - channeling her gymnastics background and showing off her versatile skills.

In Los Angeles, Ebonee stays busy running her studio, @ShowOffDanceCenter, directing / coaching her dance program and company of 5 crews and teams: @ShowOffDance, @ShowOffDolls & @ShowOffDanceCheer, judging competitions and teaching at various studios, schools and programs throughout the city.  When Ebonee is not performing, choreographing, traveling, or teaching, she spends time with her husband and daughter.  Her versatile and energetic daughter is a member of her Show Off Dance & Cheer youth dance team!  Her daughter Naima enjoys dance and gymnastics too but is mostly fond of horseback riding and taekwondo.

"I'm incredibly honored to be associated with such amazing organizations, companies, crews and people.  None of it would have been possible though without the incredible love and support from my amazing and beautiful mother, Jacci Deal.  She believed in me from birth (only being born 2lbs 2oz and fighting for my little life), to the studio I started dance at at just 4-years-old, to driving countless hours to the gym I fell in love with gymnastics and acrobatics at, to the recording studio and stages I developed my passion for music, dance and song writing at, and then fearlessly moving me to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment and higher education.  It was my mom who also encouraged me to write up my first proposal to host and teach my very own dance classes in Beverly Hills and who inspired me to create my crew, the Show Off Dolls.  My mom is my greatest inspiration, my motivation and biggest supporter.  Her strength, free spirit, generosity, work ethic and creativity is what I model after daily.

"Dance is just one of my passions, turned medium, for me to not only perform, express and create, but also bring people together, positively impact my community and change lives.  That's what really matters to me the most.  I consider myself a Philanthropist Entertainer.  I am living in my purpose - and that I get to through it through dance just makes it that much more fun and enjoyable." - Ebonee Arielle

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