Show Off Dance (SODC) 


OUR MISSION is to help aspiring dancers get the most out of their dancing and career by providing on-going performance opportunities and affordable dance training taught by some of the best choreographers and instructors in the industry and in LA.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for dancers to get intense training in various styles of dance while also receiving more one-on-one, personalized attention, industry mentoring and opportunities to show off.  At SODC, you will be surrounded by other serious dancers and learning from passionate instructors in a supportive, inspirational and motivational environment.  This is an industry-readiness program for serious artists seeking to gain experience, network and grow.  

Company / Team members are expected to rehearse/train weekly and attend all classes and events.  Throughout the season, company members participate in photo sessions, video shoots, seasonal concerts, receive choreographic opportunities, networking opportunities and various performance and gig opportunities.  Our youth programs participate in competitions, community events, fundraisers and more.

The Show Off Dance Company is in its eighth season, and has seen its dancers grow tremendously.  Our dancers, through SODC, have had the opportunity to book shows, tours, television, and print.  SODC & Show Off Dolls won "Performing Artist of the Year" in Hollywood by RAW Artists & were featured and direct booked on America's Got Talent.  Our company members have grown from student to instructors and aspiring choreographers.  SODC as a company also grows, improves and expands each season as well.  

Our program is open to dancers of all ages, levels and experience.   We have open programs for beginners and teens and audition programs, as well as open classes for adults and advanced teens.  After auditioning, or attending a Free Trial / Placement Class, dancers are divided according to level, experience and age.  The program is split into two sessions per season annually, one in the Fall/Winter and the second in Winter/Spring.  Members are expected and encouraged to participate for the full season to gain the most training and experience.  Our Companies and Intensive Training / Industry Prep program run until June each season, with three months off for summer activities, camps and summer intensives, and resume Company / Team activities again in the Fall.  Dates may vary. Rehearsal schedules may also vary for dancers.  Most groups meet every Sunday at Show Off Dance Center for their scheduled rehearsal time, with additional rehearsals scheduled for special events.  Additional guest choreographers and guest instructors are often invited to set pieces, choreography or to teach Master Classes / Workshops to our members.  Connection and access to our elite team of instructors and mentors is one of the perks of training at Show Off Dance.

Our head director and Coach, Ebonee Arielle, leads and supports dancers through their unique and individual journeys.  Through SODC, her members will have the opportunity to rehearse for performances, competitions, auditions, gigs and events, study with professionals, train weekly (in hip hop / street dance styles, technique, jazz, pom, cheer,  tumbling, cheer and more) condition, stretch, learn rehearsal etiquette, receive resources on agencies, auditions, photographers, classes and more.  SODC is the best program to train at to increase your versatility.  The program is designed to prepare dancers for a potentially professional level career in dance, training our company members to be a versatile, professional, strong, dynamic performers who are confidence in their skills and not afraid to SHOW them OFF - but it is also a very welcoming and supportive environment for dancers of various backgrounds and levels of experience, who may just want a challenge, to maintain their skills, or are looking to make friends, be more involved in the dance community and have a loving dance family.  Some members are focused on fitness and self confidence, or on increasing and others want to maintain.  Learn how to follow your dreams with fearlessness, determination, commitment, support and CONFIDENCE.  Enhance your skills and techniques while showing off the ones you already have and training the ones you want to achieve.  

Our company members pay a monthly membership fee which includes all company classes & events.  There may be additional expenses for warmups, uniforms, costumes, wardrobe and photos, and company/team members may be expected to participate in fundraisers.  Each program has different requirements, so speak to your coach about what gear you may need to purchase.  Not all crews / teams require additional purchases.

Come train and grow in a supportive environment.  At Show Off Dance, we Show Love, Show Respect, Show Support and Show Off.  We Show Up and are fully present.  We Finish Strong.  We represent who we are to the best of our current abilities while also supporting others and putting positive energy out in a community / industry full of intimidation and competition.  We are not only a community and a studio, we are a family

Scholarship and Workstudy positions are open each season based on eligibility.  Returning members of 2 or more seasons (ages 18+) who have demonstrated professionalism and growth, may audition for scholarship with a solo routine.  Returning members with specialty skills may apply for workstudy positions such as photography, PR & social media relations, videography and editing, graphic design, choreography and teaching or admin / clerical / PA.  Dancers must apply for these positions prior to seasonal auditions and build trustworthy relationships with their mentors to be selected.  These opportunities are privileged to longtime, commitment Show Offs, 18-years and older.

SODC Companies / Crews & Programs:

Show Off Dance Crew

By-Audition-Only, Hip Hop / Street Dance Performances, Choreography, Workshops & Videos

Membership - $80/mo 

Show Off Dance Company

By-Audition-Only, Contemp / Lyrical Dance Performances. Choreography, Workshops & Videos

Membership - $80/mo

Show Off Dance & Cheer

Open Dance & Cheer Combo Program, Competitive Team & Training Program (Ages 6-17)

Membership - $200/mo

Show Off Dance After School

Open after school dance program & classes hosted at various schools, (Open Level, All Grades)

Tuition - $110-$130 per session

Show Off Dolls Crew

By-Audition-Only Burlesque / Jazz Funk, All Female, Professional Company

Ages / Levels

Minis / Mascots - Elementary students ages 6-10 (Beginner / Intermediate)

Juniors & Seniors - Middle School & High School students ages 11-17 (Intermediate / Advanced)

SODC - Coed, Adults 18+, Advanced / Pre Professional Dance Company / Crew

Show Off Dolls - All Female, Adults 18+. Professional Dance Company

(Our Company & Crews are split by age and level, 11-17 years and Adults)

How do I qualify for Workstudy or Scholarship?

WorkStudy - Available to any member interested in working to pay for membership fees or tuition.  This includes (but is not limited to), social media admin, studio duties, assisting and or teaching classes / choreography, videography and photography.  Apply online and speak to your company director to inquire.  

Scholarship - Only available to returning company members of 2 or more seasons, 18 or over, who audition with a solo and display role model behavior, professionalism, strong execution, performance, improvement and potential.

Joining Company & Crew?

Dancers ages 11-17 or 18+ auditioning and selected for both Company & Crew will be offered a Membership Discount of $120/mo.  For only $40 additional, dancers will receive a minimum of 8 classes and 8 hours of rehearsals and training per month.  This is a steal and a great opportunity for our most versatile dancers to get the most of out their training and time at SODC with our instructors.  This also guarantees more workshops and more performance opportunities.

Pay Membership & Tuition Online

What is SODC & Show Off Dolls?  What's the difference between the companies?

SODC is a pre-professional dance company / crew and intensive training program.  Styles vary from hip hop, to jazz and contemporary. In addition to shooting videos and performing showcases SODC members pay a regular monthly monthly fee which includes all workshops, classes and guest instructors. Through SODC, our members have the opportunity to study with various choreographers. Over the last several seasons, our company members - through SODC - to book gigs: television, award shows, music videos, live stage shows and tours. The objective of SODC is to foster the building of relationships between company members and choreographers we work with which include, but are not limited to, the instructors listed at This is an industry prep program that includes mentoring, image consulting and training in all styles weekly.

Show Off Dolls Crew (SODC), is a professional burlesque-fusion dance company. Styles include jazz, hip hop, contemporary and acro fused with tasteful burlesque. There are no workshops nor regular rehearsals, but the Dolls may host and teach workshops as fundraisers. The Dolls only meet for show and gig rehearsals, or sometimes just to bond.  Dancers are required a keen ability to pick up various styles of choreography quickly with impeccable execution.  The objective of the Dolls is to build the crew brand and market the crew for appearances, gigs with artists, music videos, clubs, headlined shows and so on. Technical training and specialty skills (aerial, pole, etc.) are a plus. Dolls must be comfortable with showing off their bodies and be full of charm, charisma and beauty inside and out.

Both companies require skilled dancers with excellent communication, dedication and professionalism. There are paid performances opportunities for both companies, but the Show Off Dolls is a professional level only company with no classes or training opportunities.  Both companies' head choreographer and director is Ebonee Arielle "Flip". Both companies may perform or shoot projects together, and both have various choreographers. There are also opportunities in both SODC & Show Off Dolls to teach workshops or choreograph. In all, we are a family of dancers and choreographers who has been growing together and showing off together.