Tempo (RobotKing) - Guest Instructor

Popping Basics

Ronald E Evans Jr. AKA Tempo, was Born on October 16, 1982 in Kalamazoo, Michigan and starting popping in 1986.  Tempo was born into a family of musicians and performers; music and dance has always naturally been apart of his life.  At a very young age, due to constant exposure to music and performing, he developed an uncanny ability to interpret and memorize music and movement.

During his lifetime Tempo has always shown heavy affection and dedication to Popping, and made a respectful reputation as a heavy battler out of high school 1998-2000.  He then moved on to become a crew member of Hardcore Detroit in Oct 2000 - Current, and later moved to California to become a member of Motion Sickness Crew in 2002-2004

After becoming under the guidance of Slick Dogg (Patrick Teel) world renound and regarded as the best popping teacher in the world joined the G-style movement in Aug 2004.

While under Slick Doggs intense training finally finding structure and true freedom of expression which caused him unlocked untapped Special abilities as well as strengthening undeveloped ones. Using the G-style mindset giving to him by Slick Dogg, Tempo soon created and developed what is known as The King Robot delivery system (K-Robot) est. 2005.

With other styles under development, Slick Dogg completed Tempo’s training and released him into the world in 2006 to Demonstrate G-styles absolute dominance and freedom of movement.  As a show of skill Tempo debuted on the American television show "So You Think You Can Dance" (2006) where judges gave him great reviews:

"You are the truth.  You've got old school, new school -   you're the sickest popper that I've seen."- Shane Sparks.  Nigel Lythgoe described Tempo's popping style as "interesting" and "inventive" and said "He was dope".

In Aug 2007, during an intense battle, was the debute of the Bang-a-Delic, in this battle as they say in the industry "a star was born".  Tempo demonstrated abilities that have yet to be understood by the normal Popping/B-boy community.  He has been regarded as "popping's future, and its savior..."

Tempo also is an actor, and a teacher and of G-style Anatomy along with a mastery of all popping styles.  Tempo is the perfect ambassador to other countries trying to learn the authentic, and rudimentary style he teaches because, he has a perfect attitude, and patience. Very comfortable on television, he has felt the pressures of competition, and acted responsible, professional, and respectable in all circumstances, even when he lost on the TV program "Star Search, and So You Think You Can Dance".  Some of Tempo's other credits include, film, LXD, Choreographer's Carnival, Soul Train, amongst many other performances and battles.

Being a "Pro” means everything to me Tempos says .“I don’t look at this dance in terms of "street dance",I do this as a profession, and I must conduct myself as such."

Tempo currently teaches Popping at IDA Hollywood.