Show Off Awards

 Show Off Awards are medals and trophies awarded to Show Off Intensive participants, company members and guests at our intensive workshops.  

The Teacher's Pick

Each instructor at Show Off will have a "teacher's pick" award to give to one dancer per class.  It will be up to the instructors to tell you what they are looking for and choose the special dancer.  

The Secret Star Award

Awarded to a participant  who is focused, working hard, listening, learning and showing major improvement.  This dancer might be hiding in the back but is always seen because they are working hard! 

The Freestyle King / Queen

Awarded to the male and or female participant(s)  who kill their freestyle performance with originality, specialties, confidence and swag!  

The Show Stopper Award

Awarded to a participant with strong stage presence and performance ability.  It is all eyes on this dancer when they are on the floor showing off!    

The Showmanship Award

Awarded to a participant who is not only a strong dancer and performer, but they also stand out because they have a positive attitude, great energy, enthusiasm  and are supportive of others.  

The Show Off Award

Awarded to a participant  who stands out at everything!  This participant is a full out, sharp, positive, outgoing, talented, hardworking dancer and show stopping performer who can really go off and SHOW OFF!

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